Dwight Carr

Will Gray Roncal

Will Gray-Roncal is a research engineer and computer scientist who has worked on diverse domains ranging from undersea to outer space, focused on finding applied machine learning and computer vision solutions to critical national challenges. He currently explores methods to map and understand the brain at various scales, from region-based magnetic resonance imaging to single-synapse resolution electron microscopy. He shares diverse perspectives based on his career roles as a project manager, student, PI, mentor, teacher, help desk staff, integration engineer, data informaticist and computer vision expert. Will has built solutions advancing state-of-the-art in storage, algorithms, standards, and pipelines, and currently has integral roles on three BRAIN initiative grants.

Will co-founded and co-leads the College Prep Program at APL, which is a free summer program to support and encourage underserved students who have the desire and academic potential to go to college, but who lack the mentoring and resources necessary to succeed. 186 students have prepared to achieve their dreams over the past ten years, and 98% are on track to earning their 4-year degrees.

In his free time Will enjoys hiking, traveling, and learning to play guitar. He lives in Columbia, Maryland with his wife Karla and dog Myelin.