Dwight Carr

Dr. Brian Lin

Dr. Brian Lin currently researches the impact of calcium channels in heart disease at Johns Hopkins University, specifically focusing on new pharmaceutical therapies for treating the heart in muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy patients suffer from severe muscle weakness, but people often forget that the heart, too, is a muscle.

Dr. Lin earned his PhD in Cell and Molecular Physiology at Loyola University Chicago, where he studied the biophysical properties of molecular machinery that makes muscles contract. He earned his undergraduate degree in Zoology at Miami University, where he studied muscle fiber shifts in frogs, toads, and birds. Dr. Lin also studied behavioral neuroscience at Northwestern University and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, studying long-term memory formation in mice that had been given drugs, brain surgery, or genetically-modified.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys playing with his (four!) chinchillas, wedding videography, and playing broomball.